Vinyl Flooring in Darien

As a business owner in Darien, it can be overwhelming trying to get everything just right in your commercial space. Whether you’re refurbishing an industrial kitchen or a beautiful boutique, there are so many things to take into consideration, and probably last on the list is flooring. That’s where Rise Renovation Corp. steps in, as the Darien flooring experts we’re happy to make the process of refurbishing your floors as straightforward and simple as possible. A long-time favorite when it comes to versatile, cost-efficient and easy maintenance flooring material is vinyl. Let’s get into why.

Vinyl’s Making a Comeback, and Not Just When it Comes to Record Collecting!

Vinyl flooring’s been around since the mid-fifties when it offered people an inexpensive, more durable, alternative to more traditional flooring materials. Its benefits haven’t changed since then, but it’s look has definitely evolved. Modern vinyl flooring offers an almost infinite amount of options that work with any interior design scheme you can dream up. Some of the most beautiful commercial spaces we’ve seen in Darien have vinyl flooring. You can find vinyl tiles that mimic gorgeous wood grain or sheets that have the unique look of a finished concrete floor. Not to mention vinyl comes in pretty much any color you can imagine! Your imagination is the limit when it comes to finding the right vinyl floors for your commercial space.

At Rise Renovation Corp. We Think Your Floor Should Be Working for You

When you’re working hard managing your Darien business, the extra stress of keeping up with floor maintenance is the last thing on your list of priorities. Vinyl flooring offers you the easiest upkeep possible. It’s a 100% waterproof material that simply needs a quick sweep and a mop to keep looking as good as new. If your space is subject to heavy foot traffic, spills and the occasional messy disaster, vinyl flooring is your best friend. It won’t stain or warp, and after a quick and easy cleanup, your floors will look as good as new. We also can’t stress enough how easy maintenance is with vinyl, with just minimal care your floors will look stunning for years to come.

For All Your Flooring Answers, Look No Further Than Rise Renovation Corp.

We’re proud to offer the best customer service in the Darien flooring industry. Our specialists take their jobs seriously, and can answer any question you throw at them! We can help walk you through (and over) all your flooring options. Whether you’re concerned about budget, look or durability, we’re happy to discuss all your options until you find the perfect solution for your commercial space. It can be an intimidating task, thinking about the installation process, maintenance, warranty and aesthetics all at the same time, but Rise Renovation Corp. is here to make it feel easy. You sit back and relax, let yourself float away for a moment while we do all the work. By the time your feet are back on the ground, you’ll be walking on your dream floors.